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Efficient, luxurious & private

Call us: +31(0)20-8932157 or +31(0)6‑12234998

Efficient, luxurious & private

Call us: +31(0)20 89 32 157 or +31(0)6 12 23 49 98


For more than 10 years, Jet Exclusive has been acting as a broker for small general aviation. In 2011, we revamped our website.

Hour package

We make tailor made packages, starting from 10 hours, for customers that fly frequently.

Aircraft Management

Jet Exclusive's aircraft management simplifies the purchase, maintenance and crewing of your aircraft, 
so it's always ready whenever you need it for an air charter in Europe!
There are many advantages to owning your own aircraft but without a qualified, professional team behind you, your decision can quickly become a costly mistake. 

Behind Jet Exclusive is a team of seasoned aircraft industry experts ready to assist you in the purchase and management of your aircraft in a completely transparent environment.
Our aircraft management services allow you to enjoy all the advantages of owning your own aircraft without having to worry about the day to day concerns of operations management.

Our endeavor:

  • Take over all administrative, staffing, and operational concerns
  • Ensure safety and reliability
  • Lower your maintenance costs
  • Protect your investment
  • Allow you to focus on the things that have made you successful
If you've been looking for a professional, licensed, and ethical aircraft management service for your aircraft, call Jet Exclusive any time at +31-(0)20-8932157 or email us at

It is our business to serve the needs of your business.

Why Choose Us

Fully licensed aircraft
Free quotations
Available 24/7
Flexible from any airport, even the small ones
Every special request is taken seriously
Friendly, professional and experienced pilots and crew
Tailor made flights from A to Z

Instant contact

Limousine service

This service can be arranged from any pick-up point to the aircraft and on the return from the aircraft to any final destination.

Wedding/honeymoon flights

Wedding/honeymoon flights require that extra finesse, which means we can provide a limousine, champagne, roses and of course the red carpet.

Taxi service

Jet Exclusive can provide a pick-up service from your door to the aircraft and upon landing, from the airport to your destination.

Catering service

Catering, like coffee, tea and sandwiches, is standard on every flight. For this there is no extra charge. Should you require special catering such as sushi or champagne, this can also be arranged upon request.

Price comparison Airline - Business Jet

Price comparison Airline - Business Jet
Just say you and your team, 6 people in total, have a meeting in London at 09:00h local time. Thereafter a meeting in Stockholm at 18:20h local time. You would like to return home that day.
  Airline Business Jet
Arriving at Schiphol 06:00h 07:15h
Departing Amsterdam 07:05h 07:30h
Arrival London 07:30h 07:15h
Flight time: 01:25 00:45
Meeting London 09:00h 09:00h
Departing London 14:00h 14:00h
Arrival Stockholm 17:30h 17:30h
Flight time 02:30 02:30
Meeting Stockholm 18:20h 18:20h
Overnight stay and dinner for 6 YES NO
Departing Stockholm next day 09:20h 21:30h
Arrival Amsterdam next day 11:25h 23:35h
Flight time 02:05 02:05
Total estimated costs 16.150,- EUR 14.200,- EUR
So you save the company 1.950,- EUR and you will be home the same day.

Empty leg request